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Storytelling is at the core of what we do! 

From research to delivery, we help to sculpt brands and build campaigns for clients looking to the future.

In a world full of social trends, we believe that for a brand to truly be viewed as a cultural benefit they must speak the language of their audience. For this reason, we provide an incredible service that not only promotes authentic creative narratives but also teaches it.

ANANSI works with some of the most creative talents within today’s cultural sphere. The content we produce pushes boundaries and leaves viewers with a new understanding of topics they may or may not have come across before. We aim to take viewers on a stimulating and enchanting journey, and end this journey with motivation to spring into action.


With a wealth of experience creating content in various industries, ANANSI connects major players with previously unreachable markets by understanding a brand’s long-term goals and translating the right stories, innovatively.


Our agency is the home of talented young creators from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, ranging from animators and filmmakers to producers and illustrators who are pioneering the new age of content. At ANANSI, we use our passion and creativity combined with our expertise to produce inspiring visual content.

Concept Development
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Content Creation
Brand Strategy & Consulting
End to End Production
Set Design
Brand Partnerships
Location Scouting
Event Production


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