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Hard As Hell

Watford rockers The Hunna have announced details of a unisex streetwear brand titled Hard As Hell.

two models leaning into eachother

“Hard as Hell is something we’ve been working on for the last 9 months, it’s an opportunity we’ve always dreamt of having and something we’re incredibly passionate about," said the band on Instagram. "Hard as Hell is a fashion brand which we built up from scratch. "As you guys know, we’ve had a particularly dark time recently but came through the other side. Everyone in life gets thrown devastating, rough and heartbreaking curveballs to feel and overcome and fuck it’s Hard as Hell. Our first launch goes by the name ‘One Hell of a Gory Story’. We hope you find yours.”
The debut collection ranges from £15 to £155 and features longsleeves, face masks and a boilersuit.

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